LES1600 Series Console Server

Item #: LES1604A                                                                        

Console Server – Cisco Pinout, 4-Port

Value-priced console server provides economical, redundant out-of-band management.

This replaces: LES1202A-R2, LES1204A-R2 & LES6044A


  • Get highly affordable, secure, remote network management of four devices.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with seamless auto-failover provide built-in redundancy.
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 validated module for enhanced security.
  • Features, simple, straight-through cable to Cisco-style serial consoles.
  • Includes four USB 2.0 ports for managed device OS transfers.
  • Built-in digital I/O and high voltage I/O
  • Maintain network connectivity during failures with IP Passthrough


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Liên hệ Báo giá

Tight budgets and sparse IT staffing makes managing remote mission-critical IT, network, and power devices while meeting enterprise uptime requirements a challenge for IT managers.

The solution is the LES1604A Console Server with Cisco pinout. This highly reliable console server simplifies out-of-band management of your network, server, and power infrastructure in data centers and remote sites.

Remote access and monitoring

Use it for easy and affordable out-of-band access to routers, switches, PDUs, firewalls, and other serial consoles. With dual Ethernet ports, the console server gives you control of your network and its physical environment for reliable 24/7 uptime. It provides serial console-port connectivity and supports environmental monitoring, power management, and monitoring, plus remote site storage of off-line logs. It also gives you a way to configure and troubleshoot your network that is independent of your data network improving network reliability and availability.

The console server features everything you need to make remote management and fault recovery easy and affordable: an intuitive status monitoring dashboard, pro-active alerting, vendor-neutral power management, and simple secure access to devices. You’ll be able to maximize uptime while reducing the hassle and expense of truck rolls and remote site visits.

USB connectivity

In addition to the traditional RS-232 serial console port connections, the console server supports direct USB 2.0 connections to Cisco USB console ports (just use its embedded AJAX terminal for accessing the connected serial devices). The USB ports enable you to attach peripherals, such as storage and USB consoles.

Dual ports for built-in redundancy

Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports facilitate connections to primary and secondary networks. The server detects any communications failure on the primary port and switches to the second RJ-45 connection automatically. You can remotely cycle power and reboot computers, even when their operating system is unresponsive

Who can benefit from the 4-Port Console Server?

  • Businesses with remote offices
  • Organizations with limited IT staffing and budgets
  • Colocation tenants in data centers
  • Cloud and hosting providers; ISPs
  • Research and lab environments
  • Government, education, and healthcare organizations
Console Management Built-in web terminal, SSH direct to consoles, optional console keystroke logging, alert on cable disconnects, inline power control, multiple concurrent sessions
Power 110–240 VAC to 12 VDC external power adapter
Power Consumption Less than 11.5 W
Security and Authentication SSH; FIPS-140-2 compliant Open SSL Module; Strong ciphers—AES encryption; Cisco-compatible IPsec; AAA—TACACS+, RADIUS, Active Directory/OpenLDAP, Kerberos, with local fallback; Two factor authentication via remote AAA; Configurable stateful firewall; OpenVPN
Serial Console Port Management Built-in web terminal, SSH direct to consoles, optional console keystroke logging, alert on cable disconnects, inline power control, multiple concurrent sessions
Serial Ports Cisco straight 50 to 230,400 bps
Storage temperature -40 to +167° F (-40 to +75° C)
Item Specifications
Connectors (4) RJ-45 RS-232 Cisco straight pinout console ports; (2) 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 ports; (4) USB 2.0 console ports
Connectors (Ethernet) (2) 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 ports
Dimensions 5.1″H x 4.8″W x 1.4″D (13 x 12 x 3.5 cm)
Weight 1.3 lb. (0.58kg)
Replaces LES1202A-R2, LES1204A-R2 & LES6044A
Operating Environment
Humidity 5 to 90%
Temperature -13 to +140° F (-25 to +60° C)
Memory 800 MHz Armada 370 ARMv7 SoC (Marvell 88F6W11) Memory 256 MB DDR3 SDRAM; 32 MB Embedded NOR Flash Internal Storage 4 GB NAND Flash
Serial Port Cisco straight 50 to 230,400 bps

Product Includes:

  • (1) LES1604A Console Server
  • (1) DB9F-to-RJ-45 crossover serial adapter
  • (1) 12-VDC switching DC power supply with US, UK, EU, AU adapters
  • (1) Rackmount Kit: (2) Brackets, (4) 10/32 Screws, (6) 6/32 Screws, (4) Cage Nuts
  • (4) Adhesive-backed rubber feet
  • (1) Digital I/O converter (terminal block)
  • (1) SIM holder
  • (2) Antennas

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